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As a registered client, you can now review and download materials in our Research Library which we trust you will find of interest. As an ongoing client, you should find all the required readings, materials and resources you may need to support your programme with us as well as needs assessments, programme evaluation documentation and workbooks.


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A needs analysis, allows you to reflect on the outcomes you seek as a workshop participant in terms of your own gap analysis as well as how you intend to enhance performance in what you do, whilst allowing us to focus on what you are looking for and use this to build our programme design.

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If you are involved in programme please find our workshop or session materials ready to review or download. This may include workbooks, questionnaires and recommended reading materials.

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Evaluations allow you to reflect on and assess the outcomes and learning gained from a workshop, coaching session or programme you may have attended whilst at the same time providing us with consolidated feedback about the effectiveness of our work and/or intervention.

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As part of our commitment to development in our field, we commission research, write articles and case studies which are available to read and download. Contributions from clients and colleagues alike are all welcome

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