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How We Work

An effective process

  • Informal conversation
  • We discuss your objectives and challenges in detail and asses how we can help you achieve your objectives: if helpful, we can meet you wherever you are. At the start of any project, we listen carefully to your objectives or challenges and provide a level of considered advise as may be required. This may eventually lead to a full scale analysis advisory or consultancy project, it may also suggest the provision of expertise or active intervention.
  • Proposal
  • Our proposal , structured simply, is based on a careful assessment of your needs and objectives, often these need changing. Flexibility is our guiding principle.
  • Needs Assessment
  • If and when our proposal is accepted we normally recommend a detailed need assessment for each participant.
  • Intervention Style
  • Each workshop, coaching session or intervention is unique and modeled to your requirements. We incorporate European, US and Asia techniques and learning styles, using a distinct mix of experiential, informal and cognitive styles blending face to face sections with web learning and virtual classrooms.
  • Trainers, Coaches and Consultants
  • We will propose a specialist trainer or coach and send you a short bio. Our highly experienced team, have a sound business training background and in depth knowledge; they relate easily and are quick to understand and be responsive to your needs
  • Evaluation and Feedback
  • Our reputation depends on your being satisfied with our work. Feedback is essential; we incorporate structured responses in our work, including a three and six month follow-up after any workshop
  • Our fees
  • Our fees are always reasonable and designed to offer best value for money, our aim is to establish an ongoing partnership with you