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Learning Approaches

We recognize that when, what and how you learn is a fundamental, so understanding your preferences is our priority. When you learn is always your choice, just tell us What you learn is based on your objectives which we can help you define programmes can run for several days to bite sized chunks such as our ‘Lunch and Learn’ series How you learn is as much a question of your preferred learning style as it is of time you have available. Effective learning can be best illustrated as follows:


We will draw on your own work experiences to create a wide range of blended learning solutions, using online platforms, virtual classrooms, shared team forums, social networks, psychometrics and web based diagnostics coupled with to face to face sessions or remote support.

Training may be suggested where we are asked to provide direct intervention to transfer knowledge, expertise and know-how and skills. Our commitment to a Kaizen (Japanese for improvement or change for the better) approach may well be incorporated.

Facilitated sessions may be an appropriate way forward where there is a need to provides discreet, dedicated space for probing issues, relationship development, decision making, team development and increased levels of participation. Here sessions are supported by facilitators who guide the group, ensure good disciplines but normally do not offer content.

Coaching is increasingly used to supports clients to find creative ways to meet targets, achieve goals, understand emotional and related, develop thinking skills, overcome stress and establish constructive relationships.

Our consultative, enquiring approach will ensure that you our clients benefit from the best available.

Psychometrics and web based diagnostics

Many of the tools and diagnostics we use are online from which we produce a report; much of the subsequent work can be online or better still face-to-face. They include

TKI Conflict resolution

Designed to measure and adapt behaviours and conflict situations. TKI instrument is used by team and project leaders; management, HR and OD and high level leadership teams as a catalyst to open discussions and facilitate learning about how conflict-handling styles affect personal and group dynamics and how these can be changed.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®

MBTI is one of the most durable of all personality profilers and of particular help in modelling teams and change management

The International Profiler

TIP is questionnaire and feedback processes helping all who work internationally reflect on the nature of their intercultural skills and where these may require improvement TIP coaching enables team members, managers, project team leads and senior leadership identify development needs in the areas of international leadership, management and cross-cultural communication skills.

360 Feedback

A number of tools are available allowing multisource feedback or assessment, ie feedback that comes from employee. subordinates, peers, supervisors. It can include self-assessment and, in some cases, feedback from external sources such as customers and suppliers or other interested stakeholders.


GlobeSmart is a web tool that gives business people instant access to detailed information on how to most communicate, manage employees, transfer technology or skills and improve relationships with customers and suppliers in countries around the world. GlobeSmart provides each user with their own profile and a chance to instantly see where they stand in comparison to members of their selected "target" cultures on various preferences such as direct/indirect communication style, individual/group orientation, egalitarian/hierarchical structures, task/relationship approaches, and tendencies toward risk/caution.

Emotional and Social Competence Inventory

Recognized universally as a key component in leadership performance, allows users to measure their own self-awareness, self-management skills; social skills and relationship management. The inventory allows you to develop a platform for powerful self-reflection, coaching and self-development.