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Peter Petzal is the principal consultant and managing director of 2Cinternational. With many years of experience, he has trained, coached and consulted corporate management and international teams in over 40 countries to develop and leverage competence in diverse cultures; his passion is working with leadership and the management of change, which he believes can never totally be managed. Mostly responsible for client development work, Peter tries to be involved in training wherever possible, although his main role is consultancy. Based in London, he travels frequently so that home is sometimes where he finds himself...

Monika de Waal is a management and development consultant, working in the field of personal and cross cultural effectiveness, change management and team development. She specializes in organizational development, change and strategic management mostly within an intercultural setting always delivered with warmth and personality. Her work spans the corporate to more specialized development projects with NATO and European defence forces; recent work has been in Central and Eastern’ Europe developing competence, change and intercultural capability -

As an organizational consultant, Nic Smith specializes in accelerating clients’ business performance by enhancing the effectiveness of their people. His work includes facilitating management teams to identify and address performance issues, designing and delivering executive and leadership development programs and working with senior executives to improve and streamline their decision making processes. Nic’s experience spans some 25 years, working with organizations in over 30 countries, from the Americas to Africa and Asia Pacific. His steady style and dry humour sustains many groups particularly when the going gets tough....

Stephen Martin's career spans international executive and consultancy roles in global financial services and manufacturing, including direct accountabilities in the USA, Latin America and Europe, plus operating exposure in Asia. Stephen was based in New York for 3 years with Chase Manhattan Bank before moving to the UK. He has developed core expertise is assessment tools and is a licensed practitioner for the use of Hofstedes Culture in Work Place. He recently completed a major assignment to develop competencies for a UK bank. As an invited speaker at conferences and seminars in the USA, Europe and the Gulf, he speaks on
organizational culture, competency tools and applications – when not playing in his band.

Mark Russell is born English but working out of Germany and specializes in training international competence and team development. In his role as a psychologist he has built a core practice in developing and running assessment centres which he runs in conjunction with skills development and cross-cultural communication programmes. Marks careful, thorough and organized style is much in demand by teams throughout Europe – his skills in martial arts, in particular Taiji Quan have become well known.

Jeremy Solomons is a UK-born and USA-naturalized Senior Associate primarily working with current and future leaders to connect and communicate effectively across all cultures – geographical, organizational, professional and individual.
He has extensive coaching and training experience multicultural teambuilding across the USA, Europe & East Asia with both virtual and intact teams at different stages of development.  Known in particular for his strong facilitative style, Jeremy’s flair and engaging style have led to him working extensively with highly diverse groups or supporting dysfunctional teams where he says he can best use his creative energy.

Leo Kwarten trained as an Arabist and anthropologist and is an established writer, political and economic analyst, commentator and authority on the Arab world. In his role as consultant, Leo works with a wide range of international companies with operations in the Middle East, delivering cultural awareness training, business briefings, relocation and preparation programmes and workshops on team development and managing in the Gulf area. His calm and collected manner has supported many teams working throughout the area

Herb Nestler is an executive trainer and coach whose unique background and varied experiences make him ideally suited as a facilitator to support top level teams and decision-makers in challenging and complex business situations. He has a particular expertise in international negotiations Over the past 20 years; Herb has designed and conducted programmes for various companies and also guest lectures from at Universities in the US where his distinctive style allows him to bring great depth based on his business background

Nick Woodeson is a specialist in project management and team leadership; as an innovative facilitator, he often is to be found in distant locations working with leadership trying to help bring order to their projects. More recently . he has been asked to design companywide project management programmes. With a background in IT as director, Nick trained originally as a senior consultant; project, account and programme director for Unisys and in his role as trainer has become as well known for his work as for his passion for classical guitar.

David Cant has worked in and out of Russia for his entire career, starting in the late 1980s as the USSR representative of a USA trading company eventually becoming CIS Director running their Russian office through some of the most turbulent times in Russia's recent past. He went on to head the Anglo-Russian Chamber of Commerce and now lectures, advises and trains numerous European companies in the practicalities of dealing with Russia. David is a fluent  Russian speaker with an exceptional knowledge of how the country operates at every level, there is hardly part of the country that he does not know….,

David Liknaitzky is based in Johannesburg and Sydney, where he has worked for many years as an independent consultant in the fields of individual, team and organization development, with a core specialization in diversity management. Living in South Africa has meant that he has grown up with and developed a keen sense of what exclusion means, establishing his practice on the basis of communal understanding, bridge building, inclusion and cross-cultural communication. With a commmeitment to fairness and underatnding, much of Davids work has is in supporting leadership and skills development

Mark Squirrell is a corporate performance trainer specializing in interactive training and supported by outdoor experiences.  Australian by birth and trained with their Special Forces and with a major humanitarian aid organization have equipped him to deliver powerful, workshops and outdoor activities.  With extensive experience in Albania, Somalia, Pakistan Sudan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Afghanistan and more latterly with the UN he plays a valuable role in supporting project leaders and companies working in unfamiliar terrain. Marks knowledge and sheer enthusiasm for life ensures that everybody comes away from his programmes more than inspired..

Ben Arikpo is Nigerian and an industrial sociologist by training, specializing in organization and team development, effective communication, HR management, business coaching and mentoring. Ben’s excellent understanding of the social, economic and political situation in Africa, including the needs of and opportunities for enterprises, the development sector and consulting allows him to ahre a wealth of experience with clients. His gentle and enaging style has proven to be a great ambassador to teams vsitinjg or working in Nigeria. He will tell you that more than antyig he enjoys mentoring, possibly the best path to working effectively in this part of Afruica

Kikue Yamamoto is a highly experienced trainer and coach in organizational development, performance management, self development and people skills, effective communication, cross cultural awareness natural;;y spending much of her time develpingh competence for people to work effectly in Japan or with the Japanes.e He easy and outgong atyle and ablity to bridge the cultural divide conties to support many proect and team leaders working witgh their Japanese counterparts.

Lilly Beerman was origainlly a specialist in ahuman resources and management development and since becoming a tyrainer has developed her core expertise in management and leadership training, high potential development programmes, intercultural training and conflict resolution.  Lilly cpmbines her work with a lectureship in psychology and as she puts it, ‘a writer in the making’… Her spirited and enthusiastic style is a naturally attartive to those that work with her as his her ablity to respond quickly to needs in the classroom.

Peter Isackson, born in the US, educated at UCLA and Oxford has worked in France for over 30 years, acquiring a reputation as an innovator in the use of technology for learning. Although working in multiple areas of knowledge and professional skills, he is specialized in the intercultural field as a consultant, trainer, coach and trainer of trainers. More recently, he has spent considerable effort in developing learning strategies, methods and content that integrates audiovisual, information and telecommunications technology and is currently working on the deployment of technology for training and facilitation language and linguistics. He admits that his real passion is writing and has authored numerous pubciations

Marcello trained and worked a philosopher who has gradually turned his imagination and innovative capabilities to developing a deep understanding of group dynamics and how cross cultural groups work together. From this he built his practise as group facilitator with particular interests in team functionality and intercultural competence. Marcello works both in the education sector groups as well as with major corprates across Europe and trains fluently in Sapnish,. Italian, French, German and English. His unsual taring approach and ability to surprise his participants is at the center of his training style.

David Thompson is a former MBA Programme Director at one of the UKs leading business schools, a qualified executive coach, focusing on personal competencies and leadership development. David has 20 years experience of coaching managers at all levels, in large and small, private and public sector organisations, in the UK, west and east Europe and in Thailand. Recently, his work has focussed on consulting to a major Russian company in talent development and global leadership.

Heike Pfitzner, is a trained psychologist and has been working with Russian and international enterprises for more than 10 years, as coach and trainer whose work now centres on organizational training, personal development and coaching senior management where working in a cross cultural, particularly East European setting mostly in Russia.

Andy Matheson has more than 20 years experience as trainer and coach to project teams and senior managers, in particular in working with and through organizational change, strategic thinking and leadership. Andy brings a robust knowledge of business strategy, leadership and team development to his coaching and consultancy work. He is author of a number of papers and tools entrepreneurial culture and business excellence within organisations.

Susanne Kämmerer is a practitioner in organizational development and change management and has worked as trainer, coach and facilitator for 20 years. Her specialist areas are in developing and facilitating strategies for high performing and project teams going through major changes, leadership competences; training and developing team tools for leadership; As a trainer, she is highly enaged with clients making productive use of team conflict and management role assessment techniques in delievering results – as she puts it ‘not letting go until her clients are completly satisfied’.

Wojtek Strzalkowski comes from Poland and has been working in business development for 2Ci since 2009. More recently, he has been responsible for developing the company website, marketing materials and is pioneering a number of business development activities.

Jean Paul Gaertner is a specialist in international logistics where he works with many well-known multi nationals in cross national supply chain management. His consultancy work takes him throughout Europe and he also is senior lecturer in logistics at the University of Strasbourg Business School. Prior to becoming a consultant, Jean Paul worked for more than 25 years throughout North and South America, Near and Far East, Africa and Europe. His friendly and level headed manner based on years of working in the field means that he is well experienced to coach in practically any situation

Duncan Angwin is a professor pf strategy known intyernationally for his practice is in mergers and acquisitions. Graduating from both Oxford and Cambridge with a MA and MPhil, Duncan spent 8 years as a senior investment banker in London, Paris and Japan specializing in cross-border M&A and today writes and lectures extensively inhis subject matter. Calm, composed and lesarned, Duncan influence make peope refelcet and re-visit staretgic planning means that he is geratkly in demand for his work bith in Europe and in Nortty Africa. When not in tracelling his major passion is the Organ., .