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Leadership and Senior Management

Your company or team is working internationally and includes people with varying cultural backgrounds, expectations and perceptions. You need to deliver consistently for your company, achieving common objectives across uncommon markets and cultures.

Project team are easily challenged in gaining common understanding, team processes and communication, consistent prioritisation and delivery are forever under scrutiny – and naturally there is never enough time to reflect on your own leadership and management style or how others see you!

As a leader, you will have begun to think about leadership as more than just the task but more as a journey, one of carrying your organisation forward and learning all the while. You will have understood the crucial differences between leadership and management and and reflect on your emotional intelligence.

Overtime you will have seen your leadership is characterized by your own unique style and the effect it has on others. And you will have thought about your behaviours, how does these work in the conference room or the wider world. You will have reflected on the relationships with people around you and whether you create a sense of trust….

Perhaps you will have thought about your relationship to power and how you use it, how you deal with conflict, your innovative ability;

Where leading project teams, you will have reflected on how you engage with others; are they willing to follow, be part of your team?

Do you encourage and help them learn to be leaders; do you empower others, build learning or provide coaching?

Do you reflect on being role model, if so how?

Have you thought about your communicating style and how you give and receive feedback?

And when it comes to change; how inspirational are you; do you share your vision, the pain as well as the success; are you leading a moderate or high performing team and what about organization barriers – how effective are you at making your way forward?

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