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Organizational Development Specialists

How often do you stand back from your company and reflect on where you and your company are…how does your organization really work and how do you best introduce change?


  • Do you see your company as a machine – using metaphors such as structures, job design and process engineering; each employee has one clear manager; a specific role, management by objectives; the team representing the sum of individual objectives?
  • Or is it more of political system, where power and hierarchy rule the waves, interests seem to compete with each other, coalitions between individual groups is part of the political system and conflict characterizes day to day life
  • Possibly your experience of corporate life is a living adaptive system with no best way forward; flow of information between different parts of the organization are its gateway to success supported by a good fit between individual, teams and the Company?
  • Perhaps your picture is one of an organization in flux and transformation with little apparent systematic control but works more with the ebb and flow of the environment in which it is operating. Order naturally emerges out of chaos; formal structures only represent one of many dimensions of organizational life.

Probably the answer is a combination of these yet if you are planning organizational change then understanding how your company works and how you want it to work it to work will mean getting to terms with the organizational culture of your company - significant issues indeed for leadership and HR teams.

Some of questions might be

  • How do you decide on the nature of an organizational change following a restructure, significant internal change or more?
  • What are the core competencies you have or wish to establish, as well as benchmarking and testing their validity.
  • How do you best set about empowering individuals and teams
  • How can you a clear analysis of your own organizational culture, what’s good about it and what’s not so good?
  • How can you best Improve morale and productivity
  • What types of changes can be introduced to reduce employee turnover
  • How can you best build a culture of commitment and develop a sense of purpose
  • What’s available to embed creativity and innovation as core to the business
  • Specifically, what changes can you introduce to improve service to internal and external customers