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Project Management and Team Leaders

You are probably a member of a team; more likely than not a multicultural team based anywhere in the world; possibly you are a project leader working with colleagues in a number of countries; or head up a unit in charge of off shore production or outsourcing, maybe you are part of a worldwide marketing team

What type of team do you work with?

Short term project based or likely to be together for several years? ;

Sable, integrated or disparate and pulling in different directions?

How effectively is the team led or perhaps you are the leader in which case how do you judge your effectiveness?

Are you a task based or parallel team, working virtually or one location or perhaps part of a matrix? Maybe you working with people from different cultures with different expectations, perceptions, ways of working and divided by a ‘common ‘language? Are you in a team working virtually, entirely reluctant about virtual communications?

Or possibly, you are a senior manager or director considering wide scale change...

Your challenges include gaining common understanding, team mission and goal setting; defining roles and effectiveness of processes; setting standards for inter-team relationships; agreeing minimum standards for communication, consistent prioritisation and delivery – and of course your own leadership and management style

Teams develop over time and their effectiveness depends on leadership and personality which will play a significant role in ensuring the team is ‘fit for purpose’

Does any of this sound familiar?

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