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Workshop Sample
China is often far removed from what might be imagined - or really understood. This is a country of untold opportunity, of masive expansion with which every company wishes to cooperate; yet against this rich background are some serious challenges
How do you explain the factors for success; how much do you know as to what drives the Chinese, their values, business styles and culture?
How do you become fully conversant with Chinese attitudes, behaviours, nation role and approaches to be successful; ignoring them will put you in second place
If you don't have all the answers this workshop will give you insights into China; skills, tools and much more to succeed with your Chinese colleagues
Key Focus
Understand what motivates your Chinese partners
Being sensitive to the differences in cultural values
Overcome conflict through careful yet firm handling of your
Chinese partners
Effectively communicate with Chinese partners and
Negotiate at all levels with Chinese partners
Adopt the correct etiquette and approach to business
Towards business efficiency
Workshop Content
Values, beliefs, assumptions and relationships - establishing trust
The unique elements that make up Chinese business attitudes
Behaviours - right and wrong for us and others
Impact of cultural misunderstandings – case studies
Critical success factors in cross-cultural communication
Communicating effectively with your Chinese business partners; face, non-verbals, codes and much more
Working with European/Chinese teams
Leadership issues in China - balancing hierarchy and flat organization
Inspiring change and reconciling differences